Dr Mark Laslett

Dr Mark Laslett is the first person to be registered as a Physiotherapist Specialist in New Zealand (2014). He was in practice in his own clinics in Auckland for 30 years before undertaking doctoral research out of Linkoping University in Sweden (2005). He is now in part time specialist practice in Christchurch.

Mark has used questionnaires routinely in primary, secondary and research environments since the early 1980s, and the Quick Q&A online system grew out of other electronic systems he has used since 2006. The Quick Q&A system is a modified and expanded version of what he has been using daily since 2018. He has assisted Quick Q&A in the development of the packages now available and continues to act as clinical consultant for the Company.


Megan Wood

Megan Wood has a B.A and a B.Com and has been in management accounting and business for over twenty years.

Megan has been working closely with Dr Mark Laslett to build and expand on the Quick Q&A Questionnaire System. She is passionate about developing this exciting product and making it accessible and affordable.