Welcome to Quick Q&A

An On-line Pre-Appointment Questionnaire System

What are Quick Q&A Reports used for?

Collection of demographic and clinical data

Establishing consistent quality of patient information

Routine initial and follow up clinical records.

Research data collection.


Why Quick Q&A?

Save clinician time.  Results are instantly collated, calculated and interpreted. A report is created before you see the patient.

Reports can be received by email immediately, or printed in the clinic. Store your reports in your Practice Management System.

Use with every patient to get consistent and reliable data.

Reports designed by specialist clinicians familiar with the literature.

No software, no accounts, usernames or passwords, for you or your patients.

“Quick Q&A has been pivotal in the start-up and management of my online questionnaires.  These have included documents for initial assessment, follow up and marketing online questionnaires for my Physiotherapy practice.

Megan has listened carefully to my brief during set up and has an eye for detail.  Her questions are accurate and relevant which further improve the quality of the documents she creates.   All her work is completed in a very timely manner in conjunction with extremely reasonable rates.

Megan will also follow-up with you to ensure her documents are working well, and even chase you up if you have not been using them! 

Megan has made daunting IT challenges a breeze and I strongly feel her work has improved the professionalism of my practice.  Her help has also opened further opportunities to gather information in a professional and time saving manner.”

Sarah Talyancich

Director, Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Clinician at Body Reform

“I have been using Quick Q&A questionnaires over the past year and they have made a huge difference to my everyday practice.

Megan is amazing at designing and adapting questionnaires that best suit your needs, provides advice when needed and achieves quick solutions to problems.

The questionnaires allow all desired information to be easily gathered and utilised to ensure best possible information gathering that assists in quick, efficient assessment and monitoring of subjective patient progress

Jacinta Horan

Director/ Senior Physiotherapist, Bureta Physiotherapy